How to Design a Varsity Jacket?

how to design a letterman varsity jacket
design a varsity jacket

How to Design a Varsity Jacket

Wearing a premium quality Varsity Jacket that makes you stand out from the crowd is a great way to enhance your personality. The style has been in fashion for decades and never fails to amaze us by being styled in a chic manner when worn by thousands of people, particularly by the youth in high schools and colleges. Every person who is into retro fashion and jacket styles loves owning varsity jackets. But the concern arises when they do not know how to design a varsity jacket.

There are plenty of options for you as a buyer out there to shop from many places. Either online or in-store. You can buy ready-made varsity jackets and even customize them by designing every detail!

That’s right! with the Clothoo Jacket builder option, you can design your visionary varsity jacket with ease.

A Brief Guide

On our website, when you come to our home page, select “Jacket Builder” from the menu. Select “CUSTOMIZE VARSITY JACKETS,” and you will get lead to the page where there will be a display of listed options on the left with a jacket silhouette. You have options of choosing materials and styles where you can select your desired material like faux leather, cotton fleece, melton wool, polyester satin, etc., for the sleeves and body of the jacket.

Next, select your sleeve, pocket, and collar style to know what your design looks like.

As you keep selecting each option, the display jacket silhouette keeps altering to show you your chosen changes simultaneously.

As you select the list, you’ll see options like adding colors, patches, texts, and selecting the size of your jacket. With our options available, you can create your custom varsity jacket with ease! You can also request to change your design after ordering within 24 hours via email.

We make sure to deliver you quality varsity jackets at affordable prices. From making individual jackets to taking bulk orders, we master it all.

If you are confused about designing a varsity jacket, make sure to contact us and get your queries answered by our professional and helpful team. Also, considering our user-friendly website, you can select an option that suits your requirements and order your customized jacket within the prescribed working days.

Be your own designer and design the jacket of your dreams. With Clothoo’s seamless manufacturing and delivery services, we promise to deliver you the best quality product considering your requirements.

Design Varsity Jacket with Clothoo

Designing a Varsity Jacket is a job where you have to be very mindful of the kind of design you want, what suits your personality and style. Hence, your jacket designing opportunity is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing (unless you want to shop more from Clothoo!).

We, at Clothoo, have made it super easy for you to design your Varsity jackets. You can create your very own custom varsity jacket at Clothoo’s state-of-the-art Design Lab. Think outside the box by adding your colors, choose your fabrics, and upload patches or mascots.

Be it choosing quilted lining, zip-up, or button closure. We do it all using our premium methods of manufacturing the varsity jackets.

We give you options of customizing letterman jackets to add a personal touch and make the whole experience exceptional for you!

You can modify our ready-made designed jackets or create a new one out of scratch. Either way, we do not compromise on quality.

To design a Varsity jacket, you have to be sure of the color combinations, what material would be suitable, and the presence of all the intricate details. If you try to design a jacket online without having a clear picture in mind, chances are, you may not be satisfied with the end product.

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